Indonesia style corn fritters, the first dish on holiday

My long term holidays have just begun! Every holiday, I plan what I will do on the holiday and this holiday is not an exception, though this time will be nearly same as last time. Actually I haven’t planned details yet but one thing that I’m sure is cooking! I like cooking, though I can’t do well. I needed to go to school and study during the semester so I didn’t have enough time to cook myself.  So that’s why I decided to cook during the holiday.

I have been living in Indonesia for 2 years.  But it hasn’t been long since I really enjoyed Indonesian food and had interests about them.  Before that, if I went to a restaurant, I always ordered anything in “International food” menu such as sandwiches or pastas. But now.. I search the recipes and even cook them by myself.


Anyway, this is my first dish on my holiday yeah~ It is Indonesian style corn fritters called Dadar jagung or Perkedel jagung or Bakwan jagung. They are all same but they have a different amount of  flour. It was the first time that I cooked it so please ignore the burnt part.. It was sweet, spicy and naturally delicious! I like Indonesian corns because they are so sweet without any sugar.


I served this salad together. It was balanced well with a little bit greasy corn fritters

If you want to know the recipe of the corn fritters above, please check here. Thank you for reading my first post 😀


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